Organic Apple Cider With Farm Honey And Lime Drink

Healthy Mate

Healthy Mate Organic Apple Cider (with Farm Honey & Lime Drink) 200ml


0.351 kg | 200 ml


Refresh and revitalize your body with Healthy Mate Cider. A naturally pure organic drink with raw organic forrest honey harvested only once a year. Drink once a day for health benefits. Rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.

**CLEARANCE SALE** Short Expiry Date: 07/2018


Apple cider and Farm Honey Drink (200ml)

  • Apple cider and honey mixed together with water tastes good as a drink to:
  • Keep joints and tissues youthful.
  • Prevent premature aging.
  • Animal protein and fats thickens blood, this drink will help keep blood healthier and thinner.
  • Improve high blood pressure condition

8% Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 6% Lime, 8% Organic Farm Honey, R.O. Water


Refrigerate for better taste. Shake well before drinking.

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