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Hero Nutritionals



Established in 1995, Hero Nutritionals® is the leader in creating innovative and unique delivery systems in the natural products industry. Hero made vitamin history by being the first company to put vitamins and minerals into a gummy delivery system. Ms. Hodges, Founder, and CEO landed on the idea of formulating high quality, nutritionally sound children’s supplements in the mid-90’s as she observed her nieces and other children gobbling up candies, particularly multi-flavored gummy bears. By transforming the once dreadful chore into a fun, tasty experience, Hero Nutritionals has changed the way adults and children take their daily vitamins and minerals. Envisioning, crafting and launching the unique gummy delivery system has changed the vitamin industry and continues to inspire others to think and create other unique delivery systems.

Today, after 16 years of innovating nutrition, Hero Nutritionals offers more than 30 supplement options, and continues to craft more with Ms. Hodges thought, “Pure love deserves pure nutrition”. In 1997, The Original Gummy Vitamin, Yummi Bears brought to our homes Multi-Vitamins & Mineral, Wholefoods + Antioxidants, and Vitamin C. Hero continued the innovation and in 2009, Yummi Bear Organics, adorned retail shelves. Yummi Bears Vegetarian launched in 2010 and most recently, Yummi Bear Sugar-Free gummy vitamins, providing a fruit-sweetened all-natural solution to sugar aware families.

Yummi Bears

Yummi Bears® gummy vitamins are made with premium quality ingredients and are scientifically formulated for a child’s growth and development in mind. Yummi Bears offers a broad line of functional vitamins that provide optimal nutritional support. Click the product images below to explore each of our all-natural offerings! Made with all-natural fruit flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Free of allergens, gluten, dairy, and soy.

Yummi Bears Organics

The first and only organic gummy vitamin for children. Yummi Bears Organics® is for those health-conscious consumers who want great tasting, nutritionally potent vitamins that support their commitment to eating and living organically. All of our Yummi Bears Organics® products are: Made with all-natural and organic fruit flavors, colors and sweeteners. Free of GMOs, gelatin, allergens, gluten, dairy, and soy. Vegetarian Approved with a fruit pectin based.