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Healthy Mate


Healthy Mate is committed to serving only premium quality, organically grown, nutritious products to our consumers worldwide.

Their products are made from carefully selected, fresh natural wholesome ingredients and are produced in a strictly controlled, environmentally friendly environment. The range of Healthy Mate spreads includes Black Sesame, White Sesame, Almond, and Peanut, available sweetened with Raw Organic Honey or unsweetened which are trans fat-free and cholesterol free catering to those suffering from diabetic conditions.

Some of their products such as Raw Organic Honey is a rainforest honey with no foreign substances, whereby pure honey is squeezed from its honeycomb containing traces of pollen and enzyme, high in antioxidants. When mixed together with the Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, it is a remedy for cold, flu, cholesterol, water retention and detoxing, just to name a few.

Contradicting to what some people believe that spreads like peanut butter is high in cholesterol, these spreads are cholesterol free and trans fat-free due to the way they are prepared, slowly roasted instead of using high heat. The separation of product and oil is a natural occurrence due to the product being pure, having no additives such as preservatives etc. A simple stir before consumption is all that is necessary.