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For the first time in Australia, Eastland Asian Foods (EAF) have partnered with Greenday to launch a brand new range of eight fresh fruit and vegetable chips. They are one of the world’s healthiest fruit and vegetable chips; because only fresh whole fruit and vegetables are selected and cooked using rice bran oil.

EAF has been importing and wholesaling fine Asian foods across Australia for 30 years. EAF has traditionally distributed to Australia’s eastern Asian markets. Now with Greenday’s new range and EAF’s diverse distribution network you soon will see Greenday fruit and vegetable chips in your local grocery and health food shops.

Greenday is based in Thailand and has been exporting to over 20 countries worldwide. Greenday has combined passion with the understanding that it’s necessary to succeed in the healthy snack food market. The results revealed that both healthy and tasty foods are of equal importance to their health-conscious consumers, who are looking for healthy snacking alternatives. From this insight, Greenday has revolutionized what healthy snacking means.